PandaSteer (2006)

Computer game characters that follow, chase, flee, and avoid obstacles and collisions. Also PandaZUI, a zoomable user-interface framework.

Losser (2014)

A little JSON to CSV converter.

Data Packager (2014)

A web app for making tabular data packages.

Snapshotter (2011–present)

Very easy incremental snapshot backups.

Forest (circa 2010, archived copy)

Website for Forest, a free arts and events space masquerading as a vegetarian café.

Infoseed (circa 2007, archived copy)

Website for Infoseed hacklab.

DWM (2015)

My DWM config.

Navigating 3D Environments (2004, PDF)

A computer game character that navigates complex 3D environments (Quake III levels), created for my undergraduate dissertation.